Frequently Asked Questions

Your Account

How do I register an account with GCodes?

GCodes is currently invite only and you must receive a GCode before registering an account. If you would like to purchase GCodes, please contact sales.

How do I login to GCodes?

Before you can login to GCodes, you must add your first GCode to wallet (redeem) and register an account.

Note that your GCodes account is separate from the login info for the account from where you may have received the GCode.

How do I edit my profile?

From the main menu, go to ACCOUNT > My Profile to update your account profile & settings.

How do I change my password?

From the main menu, go to ACCOUNT > My Profile > Change Password to change your password.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click on the “Forgot password” link on the login page. Input the email address that you used to register for a GCodes account. Once you receive a ‘Reset Password’ email, please follow the instructions provided.

Note you will only receive a forgot password email if you have created a GCodes account. If you do not receive an email within minutes, we were not able to locate an account matching the email address provided.

If you have any issues resetting your password, please contact customer support.

I’ve registered with the wrong email address. How can I change this?

If you’ve registered an account with the wrong email address, you can update it by going to the main menu and clicking ACCOUNT > My Profile.

If you used the wrong email address and forgot your password, you can contact customer support. Please provide the redemption instructions you used to redeem your first GCode as proof of ownership.

Your Wallet

How do I add GCodes to my Wallet (Redeem)?

You should receive instructions from the person who sent you a GCode. The instructions will either have a link to instantly “Add to Wallet” or ask you to copy and paste the code into a redemption form.

If you are not logged in, the GCodes App will ask you to login or register an account before being able to add a GCode to your Wallet.

Once you’ve successfully added a GCode to your Wallet, you’ll see the option to ‘Activate’ your code for Points.

I am having issues adding a GCode to my Wallet. What do I do?

If you’re having issues redeeming a code, please contact customer support here. Ensure to provide a copy of the redemption instructions.

How do I activate my GCodes?

From your GCodes Wallet, any GCode that needs to be activated will have the ‘Activate’ button beside it. Click ‘Activate’ to convert to monetary value into GCodes Points that can be used to shop the global shopping mall.

What is the difference between 'Add to Wallet' (Redeemed) and ‘Activated’?

When you receive a GCode, you must first click on ‘Add to Wallet’ to begin the redemption process. Your wallet will hold all codes that have been added (redeemed) to date. Once you’ve successfully added a GCode, you must ‘Activate’ it which converts the monetary value into GCodes Points. From your wallet, you will see your ‘Points Balance’ increase when the GCode is activated.

How do I earn GCode points?

As you activate GCodes, the monetary value is converted to GCodes Points which can be used to shop our global shopping mall.

How can I view my points history?

To see your points history, from the main menu click ACCOUNT > Points History. Here you can see any a history of all your point transactions including codes that were added (redeemed), activated or expired and any purchases from the GCodes shopping mall.

How do I see my points balance?

From your wallet, you can see how many points you have available to shop the gallery under ‘Points Balance’. Your points balance is made up of ‘Activated’ codes minus the value of points already used to shop.

Do my GCodes expire?

GCodes must be activated within 90 days of generation. You can check the expiration date by clicking on the GCode in the Wallet.

How can I tell if my GCodes have expired?

In the GCodes Wallet, expired GCodes will show ‘Expired’ instead of an activation button.

Do my GCodes Points expire?

Once a GCode is activated, you have 365 days to spend the corresponding GCodes Points in the shopping mall.

How can I tell if my GCodes Points have expired?

From the main menu, go to ACCOUNT > Points History to see when your points were activated, and if any have expired.

Shop the Gallery

How do I access the gallery?

You can access the gallery from the main menu > SHOP, and from your wallet by going to ‘Shop Now’. From there, pick the rewards category you wish to browse.

How do I add rewards to my cart?

Every reward in the gallery will have an ‘Add to cart’ option. This will automatically add the reward to your cart and show you the cart total.

How can I see what items have been added to my cart?

You can access your shopping cart from the main menu > SHOP > View Cart. Once you’re in your cart, you can update the items you’ve selected.

What is Dream Tracker?

Dream Tracker allows you to bookmark rewards and track the percentage of points remaining before you can purchase. Dream Tracker will automatically notify you via email when you have enough points for the reward.

How do I checkout when the reward is worth more than the points I have available?

If you don’t have enough points to complete a purchase, you can pay the difference with PayPal or credit card.

How can I view my orders?

If you wish to see your past orders, or see the status of a current order go to ACCOUNT from the main menu > My Orders. From here, you can filter your order history by date.


Can I return any rewards purchased with GCodes?

Rewards purchased through the GCodes shopping mall are final sale with the exception of damaged or incorrectly shipped goods.

If you have an issue with your delivery, please contact support right away as there is a limit on how long you have to claim damages. Please see the full terms and conditions for more information on our shipping & returns policy.

Customer Support

How do I contact support?

You can send any inquiries through our support form, always available on the footer of the app. Otherwise, go directly to support.

How are you collecting my information?

Please see our latest privacy policy, and scroll to ‘Data Collection’ to understand when and how we collect any information.

How do I submit a request to have my data removed?

If you wish to have any of your data removed, please send an inquiry through our support form. Please choose ‘Privacy Policy Inquiry’ in the form.